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The Thirteenth Hour Chronicle

All documents collected here are Living Documents. Grammar and spelling catches may still happen; we’re not going to bother y’all with those. Smaller updates will be noted in the changelog, and major updates will be noted here in this table as well as announced.

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Document LinkDescriptionReleasedUpdated
When the Clock Strikes ThirteenChronicle NSS 5/27/207/30/20
Sect Alignments Clans/Bloodlines in Sects5/30/2011/11/20
VSS Creation GuideHow-To + Template7/1/207/18/20
Player Approvals GuideApprovals/Rules for 20207/1/2011/11/20
Elder GuidelinesDetailed Elder Document7/1/207/11/20
Public TimelineGeneral Kindred knowledge8/6/2010/23/20
New World TimelineNon-European timeline2/9/21
NST-Level Secret SocietiesJoin-able Secret Societies8/22/20

Sect guides

———————————–Sect Guide Links———————————–ReleasedUpdated
Anarch Movement7/31/2011/26/20
Independent Alliance7/31/2011/26/20

Clan Guides

——————————–Clan Guide Links (w1)——————————–ReleasedUpdated
Ventrue (all)8/6/20
Banu Haqim (all)8/6/20
Brujah (Standard)8/6/20
Brujah (True Brujah)8/6/20
Giovanni (all)8/6/20
——————————–Clan Guide Links (w2)——————————–ReleasedUpdated
Gangrel (Ahrimane)8/13/208/19/20
Gangrel (Standard/Coyote)8/13/20
Gangrel (Noiad)8/13/20
Cappadocian (Standard)8/13/20
Cappadocian (Samedi)8/13/20
Cappadocian (Lamia)8/13/20
The Ministry (all)8/13/20
——————————–Clan Guide Links (w3)——————————–ReleasedUpdated
Nosferatu (all)8/26/20
Toreador (Standard/Ishtarri)8/26/20
Toreador (Volgirre)8/26/2011/11/20
——————————–Clan Guide Links (w4)——————————–ReleasedUpdated
Tzimisce (Standard)10/23/20
Tzimisce (Koldun)10/23/20
Tzimisce (Carpathian)10/23/20
Salubri (Warrior and Healer)10/23/20
——————————–Clan Guide Links (w5)——————————–ReleasedUpdated
Tremere (Pre-Fracture)11/26/20
Tremere (House Tremere)11/26/20
Tremere (House Carna)11/26/20
Tremere (House Goratrix)11/26/20
Tremere (Telyav Bloodline)11/26/20
——————————–Clan Guide Links (w6)——————————–ReleasedUpdated
Baali (all)12/27/20
Includes both Baali and Infernalist lore tags, and Appendix with Demon Lore
————————-Clan Guide Links (Final Wave)————————-ReleasedUpdated
Lasombra (Standard)2/8/21
Lasombra (Kiasyd)2/7/21
Ravnos (All)2/13/21
Choir of Eris2/14/21
Clanless Guide2/11/21
(Soon) Ghouls and Revenants

NST ‘Core’

NST Core Document Links
MES Core Lore System
MES Core VIP & DPotM
MES Core Mechanics & Approvals
MES Core Character Creation & XP
Note: The NST core documents are cross-venue and not owned by the Masquerade team. For feedback on these, please include and in an email